Background: Wanna (pronounced Vanna) and Zira have the same mother, Ginger vom Sunland who is a Don von Osterberger Land daughter. Ginger was the first female we owned (she was 9 months old when we got her) and Wanna and Zira are out of her first two litters. So I have had these two females since they were born and have seen how they have developed through the years. Ginger, Wanna, and Zira are from very healthy stock. The only time I had to take them to the vet was for rabies vaccinations (we give other vaccinations ourselves) and x-rays. Click to return to the "Mama's" page.

I've put all of their training and titles on them myself with guidence from some very knowledgable friends. Due to moving and job duties getting in the way of dog training, Wanna and Zira's scorebooks don't reflect their true potential and working ability. They both have SchH titles (Zira has her SchH 1 and Wanna just earned her SchH 2), but are definatley capable of more. I continue to train them for their next titles.

Both of these females work very well and know how to be a pet. They are great with children and watchful of strangers that have not been "okayed" by us. They are protective of their territory and human pack, but know that anyone that we say is okay is a friend to them also. They have plenty of drive to play and work, but can also kick back and watch TV. They are beautiful, loving, and loyal.