Here are Zira and Nero's litter. They were born on December 26, 2002.
Ten in the litter with 7 males and 3 females. Click to return to the main Litter page.

It's Christmas Eve and Zira looks for a place under the tree.

Nap time.

No room under the tree for puppies.

Ah, the beached whale pose.

The pups are one day old. It's had to believe she had all those inside her.


Use these links to see pictures of the pups as they grow.
Taken on 1-16-03 at3 weeks old.
Taken on 1-23-03 at4 weeks old.
Taken on 1-25-03 at4.5 weeks old.
Taken on 2-16-03 at7.5 weeks old.

Taken on 2-18-03 at7.5 weeks old. Pictures of the remaining 3 pups.

Gaston | Grady | Gondor

All of the pups in this litter have new homes :-)


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