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It's important to make sure any puppy you take into your family has been given proper vaccinations and that you continue a regular vaccination schedule throughout their lifetime. Click to return to the main About page. or Click here to return to the main Litter page.

Please click here to review our Puppy Health & Vaccination Record. It will show you the vaccination schedule we follow with all of our puppies as well as what vaccines we use. Even though many of our pups go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old, you will notice that the vaccine schedule goes all the way up to when the pup turns 1 year old. After you puppy turns 1 year old, most booster shots are done on an annual basis. There are exceptions though so make sure you consult with your veterinarian as to what schedule you should set up for the life of your dog to keep him/her healthy and pest free.

We strongly recommend that all of our puppy buyers introduce their new pup to their vet and have the vet copy the puppy's health record that we provide so that the vet can continue with the puppy's vaccination schedule. Your vet may suggest a slightly different vaccination schedule and you should follow what your vet recommends. Be sure to ask your vet if you live in an area where your pup should be on heartworm preventative.

We know how important puppy socialization is, but all new puppy owners should remember that the puppy will not be fully immunized until they have received all of their puppy shots when they turn 4 mos. old. Until that age it is very important to be aware of where your puppy walks, sniffs, and tastes. It is best not to take your new pup to a public place where other dogs may have been. Remember, you don't know if all of those other dogs have responsible owners who make sure their dog's vaccinations are up to date. You may want to consider enrolling your pup in a puppy only class through your local vet, pet store, feed store, etc. This is a great way to have pups get their early socialization they all need.

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