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Both my husband and I grew up with German Shepherd Dogs. We love the breed and everything that we want in a dog is exactly what is embodied in a German Shepherd Dog. Click to return to the main About page.

We have seen the differences in the American bloodline shepherds and the German bloodline shepherds. The breed was developed in Germany and we believe that the dogs that are bred according to the German (and world) standard are superior dogs. Breeders who follow the American standard (AKC's German Shepherd Dog Club of America's standard) have created their own version of the breed and frankly we feel that they should no longer be allowed to be called German Shepherd Dogs, but should be considered a new breed, the American Shepherd Dog.

After our first two dogs passed away we decided to find a breeder who used only German bloodlines. We wanted a good dog that would not be predisposed to a lot of health problems and who could protect our family and be a loving family member. We were very uneducated at that time, but we knew there were goods dogs out there, and not the ones that we were seeing at the local AKC shows. We decided to contact the local police department's K9 division. We figured, cops always have good dogs, let's see where they get them. It just so happened that the local K9 director lived 2 miles from us and was also a breeder. He was a German who had been involved with German Shepherd Dogs since he was a young teenager. He had a litter available so we soon became the proud owners of our first all German bloodline German Shepherd.

That was in 1991 and Momar vom Sunland became the first dog I would train for the sport of Schutzhund. In 1993 we got our first female Ginger vom Sunland at the age of 9 months. Then 2 weeks later we got Inga vom Sunland at the age of 10 weeks. Then Jana vom Sunland at 8 weeks. In 1995 we had our first litter with Ginger and didn't let the first puppy go until 4 months old (he went to some very good friends). The next pup left at 6 months old to a sister. The next two didn't leave until they were 10 and 14 months old. We wouldn't let anyone have the last one and kept her for ourselves :-) A friend once told me that German Shepherds are like Lays potato chips - you can't have just one.

You come to the realization though, that you are only capable of giving a limited number of dogs the attention they deserve. So you find good homes for the ones that you can't keep. After I trained Momar to his SchH 3, I retired him with a sister-in-law. He sadly passed away in February of 2001. I will always remember him for being the dog that got me involved in the German system of doing German Shepherd Dogs.

Mo was the dog that really got me hooked on not only having a German Shepherd Dog as a loving pet, but to also work with the dogs as the founder of the breed, Max von Stephanitz, had intended. I have done all of the training on our dogs with the help of the many friends in the schutzhund clubs where I have been a member. We look forward to raising and training our next generation beginning with Anka.

My Dogs that I have Trained
Titles Earned
Momar vom SunlandSchH 3
Ginger vom SunlandSchH 3, KKl 1, V1 rated at the regional level, "a" normal hips.
Inga vom SunlandSchH 1, KKl 1, V3 rated at the regional level, "a" normal hips.
Wyatt vom SunlandBh
Wanna vom SunlandSchH 2, FH 1, KKl 1, V2 rated at regional level, "a" normal hips.
Zira vom SunlandSchH 1, KKl 1, V3 rated, OFA good hips.
Odolf vom Grossen TalBh, G rated at the regional level (Youth Dog class).
Anka vom Winters LandBh, SG2 rated at the regional level (Young Dog class), "a" normal hips.
Cinni vom Winters LandBh, SG2 rated at the regional level (Youth Dog class), "a" normal hips.
Donja vom Winters LandVP3 at the regional level (Senior Puppy class).
Fanta vom Wintes LandVP at the 2003 USA Sieger Show (Junior Puppy class).

Note: I have trained other dogs also, but sold them before they were titled.

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