About Our Prices

The prices we ask for our German Shepherd puppies are more than what many newspaper ads will list and less than what some other breeders will ask. We believe that our puppies are worth every penny and yes you may be able to pay a lot less for a pup from someone else, but you have to look at the longterm cost of the dog also. Do you want to save money now and end up paying a lot of vet bills later from health problems that could have been avoided from proper breeding? Or would you rather pay a bit more up front for your pup knowing it came from the highest breeding standards?Click to return to the main About page.

We believe that we ask a fair price for our quality puppies. We use only excellent rated, very healthy breeding stock. I have owned both Wanna and Zira since the day they were born. The most I've had to take them to the vet for is x-rays and rabies shots. It was the same with their mother who I got when she was 9 months old. There is much more that goes into producing one of our litters than just putting two dogs together to let nature take its course.

First, we had to raise, train, and title our females. They had to pass a series of tests (hip certification, B title, AD test, SchH title, conformation rating, breed survey) before they could breed. It takes a few years to get the dogs to the point where they are eligible for breeding.

Then I have to research different stud dogs that are available. The stud dogs also had to pass all of those tests before they could be bred. I have to make sure that the bloodlines from the dogs will be a good match with a high probability of producing the type of puppies that I believe will contribute to improving the overall German Shepherd Dog breed.

German Shepherd Dogs are my passion and my hobby. I did not begin breeding dogs to "make some money". Making money is the exact wrong reason someone should have for breeding a dog. I breed German Shepherd Dogs because I love the breed and want to help other responsible breeders in making sure that the German Shepherd Dog stays a versiltle working dog that is also pleasing to the eye and has the temperament to be a loving member of a family. I breed German Shepherd Dogs because I want to make sure that the military, police departments, search and rescue personal, seeing eye foundations, and people that need canine assistance have a good selection of dogs to choose from without having to import dogs. I breed German Shepherd Dogs because I believe they are the best breed of dog that anyone could desire.

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