About Our Kennel

Even though our founding litter was born in December of 2000, we have bred other litters beginning in 1995 under the kennel name of the bitches co-owner, vom Sunland.

We strive to produce pups that are not only beautiful, but have the working drive to perform any job given them. Most importantly, they must be capable of living and interacting with your family.

Therefore, we do not sacrifice working ability to create a dog that will only do well in the conformation ring and we do not sacrifice structure to create a dog that can only perform on the trial field. We believe that it is the balanced dog that can perform well in both areas that is truely the better German Shepherd Dog.

We are a very small kennel producing only a few select litters per year. And are located in the small farming community of Winters, California which is located due west of UC Davis.

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