About HIps

You will notice on the information we provide about our mama dogs that under Wanna's hip information it says "a" normal and under Zira's it says OFA good. This is because under USA you may either send your hip x-rays to Germany via USA and get the dog's hips certified at one year old. Or you may have the x-ray sent to OFA for certification when the dog is two years old. Click to return to the main About page.

The German hip certification is referred to as the "a stamp" because there is the letter "a" stamped on the back of the dog's pedigree at the time of the certification. On the inside of the pedigree there is an area for the hip rating. OFA will issue a certificate containing all of the dog's identification information, the date of the certification, the age of the dog at the time of certification, an OFA identification number, the owner's information and the hip rating. The two hip rating systems should be considered equivalent to each other although there will always be people who favor one system over the other for a variety of reasons only they know.

German Hip Rating
OFA Hip Rating
This is the highest rating available and therefore the best hip rating.
Fast Normal
This is still a very good hip rating and the lowest I personally would use in my breeding program.
Noch Zugel (Zugelassen)
This is the lowest hip rating allowed for breeding by most dog registration organizations.
Any dog with a hip rating below these are considered dysplastic and should most definitely NOT be breed.

OFA's web site has a very good explanation (with graphics) of their different hip ratings. OFA hip gradings.

The SV has recently incorporated another tool for breeders to use when it comes to evaluating what dogs to breed in regards to their hips. It is referred to as the ZW number. Any dog registered with the SV is issued a ZW number based on not only their hip rating, but also the hip ratings of their family. The lower the number the better. When deciding upon which dogs to breed, the sum of the stud and bitch's ZW numbers must NOT be greater than 200. Therefore, if you had a female with a high ZW number (over 100) you would need to find a stud dog with a very low ZW number. The best breedings, when looking at only the ZW numbers, would be between two dogs who each have a low ZW number. For more information read the letter put out by the SV on the subject.

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