About Our Dogs

My first female, Ginger vom Sunland, was a beautiful daughter out of Don von Osterberger-Land (1993 USA Sieger) that I was fortunate enough to co-own and title all the way to SchH 3, KKl 1, and V1 at the regional level. I also co-owned another Don daughter, Inga vom Sunland, who I trained to SchH1, KKl 1, and V3 at the regional level. Click to return to the main About page.

We took Ginger and Inga to the USA Sieger Show and the German Sieger Show that first year (1994) and placed very well. We were hooked on these beautiful dogs after seeing roughly 3000 of them at the German Sieger Show. We continued to compete with Ginger and Inga until we let them concentrate more on raising puppies.

I whelped Ginger's first litter in February of 1995 and immediately fell in love with raising puppies. I kept a female out of her first and second litters and those are the dogs I have for breeding today. Wanna and Zira have been shown at the national and regional levels also and done well.

When selecting dogs for our breeding program, I don't look at just the pedigrees. I want to see the dog's scorebook, breed survey report, conformation rating, hip rating and after I've read all the paperwork I want to see the dog in action. I want to see the dog gaiting in the ring, their stand exam, their schutzhund work, and how they interact with people and other dogs. I've got to really like the dog before considering using it for breeding.

Our goal is to produce puppies that are both beautiful and strong. Puppies that we would want to keep for ourselves if we had the room and time.

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