© Photo by Rachael Walters
P.O. Box 1504
Ojai, CA 93024

Ursus v. d. Burg Hausbrunn
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Hips: "a" normal

Conformation show rating - V for excellent.

Breed survey: KKL 1

Schutzhund 3

© Photo by Rachael Walters
P.O. Box 1504
Ojai, CA 93024

List of dogs common to both sides of the pedigree.

Ursus is a wonderful dog. I met him shortly after my friend Heidi Theis bought him. We shared a hotel room at the 2000 USA Sieger Show so I got to know this dog up close and personal. I soon feel in love with him and knew I wanted to breed one of my females to him someday. I got that opportunity the fall of 2001 and know have a beautiful litter out of him and Wanna. He has the working schutzhund scores good enough to compete at the national level. His temperament is just fantastic. He is a very well balanced dog..I

Ursus on the cover of Schutzhund USA.Ursus made the cover of the May/June 2002 issue of Schutzhund USA which is the official publication of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA).

The photo is of Ursus tracking.

For more information on USA, please visit their website at http://www.germanshepherddog.com


These pictures are of Ursus' performance test at the USA Sieger Show in 2001.

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