Jassko is a very nice tempered dog. His owners, David and Randi Witmer run a police K9 training school and therefore know first hand how important it is to keep the working abilities in the German Shepherd Dog breed. The dogs they own must be correct in the work as well as structure and tempermant. Therefore, I believe that Jassko was an excellent choice to breed my female Wanna to and the resulting litter should be very promising in their capabilities.


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Hips: "a" normal
Breed survey: KKL 1
DNA in Germany

Jassko has a nice strong head and excellent pigment. Look how nice and dark his eyes are.

Some of Jassko's progeny.

Kopper vom Haus Tyson is a beautiful young male. I saw this dog at a show last year and just fell in love with him. I hope that Jassko produces as well with my female.

Anyanka vom Zwillinghaus.

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