Dando's most recent show was the 2004 NW Regional where he took 3rd place.

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Hips: "a" fast normal

Conformation show rating - V for excellent.

Breed survey: KKL 1

Schutzhund 3

Beginning to gait around the ring.

Beginning the off leash round at the show with owner Shannon O'Donnovan.

Dando being stacked at 2002 NW Regional Show where he took V1.
His handler in the ring was Heidi Theis.

Dando is sired by VA Xasko von der Roten Matter.

Tears of joy over getting V1.

Dando is another great example of a well balanced dog. The "Golden Middle" type of dog that many breeders strive towards because while this type of dog can excel in the show ring and on the trial field, he has not been bred for extremes.

His schutzhund scores qualify him to compete at the USA National trial level. His owner, Shannon O'Donnovan has said she's thinking of going for Universal Sieger with Dando.

He has great working abilities, excellent conformation, superb temperament, and character to spare.

Dando is not the typical black and red dog that usually wins shows. His coloring is considered more black and tan. The judge at this show, SV Judge Earnst Ruckert from Germany, stated in his critique that he hoped everyone learned something that day by him placing Dando in the lead. This is a dog that was judged honestly for what he is and found to be excellent and above the rest in the class. He was not the favored to win, but he was the true winner. This was a huge accomplishment for him and his owner.

Shannon, Dando, and Heidi all very excited about his winning the 2002 NW Regional Show.

Dando on the podium with handler Heidi and her son Brandon.

The Working Class Males final standings for the 2002 NW Regional Show. Dando in the 1st place spot.

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