vom Winters Land Kennel - Hip Warranty


This is a limited warranty.  This warranty is only applicable as set forth under the following conditions:

1)      The buyer (owner) shall have the dog x-rayed by a licensed veterinarian at the age of one (1) year.

2)      If the dog is found to have a genetic hip disorder, the defect(s) shall be properly diagnosed and supported by a written veterinary statement diagnosing the dog with hip dysplasia based on and supported by radiographic evaluation of pelvic phenotype.  Such documentation may also include a non-passing rating given on the “preliminary evaluation of hip dysplasia” from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc (“OFA”).   Note: OFA will not certify a dog for hip dysplasia until the dog has reached two (2) years old, however, OFA will issue a “preliminary” evaluation based on a proper radiographic evaluation of pelvic phenotype once the dog has reached one (1) year old.  This warranty will accept all “preliminary evaluations of hip dysplasia” rendered by OFA.

3)      The buyer (owner) must send vom Winters Land kennel (breeder/seller) a notarized letter from the licensed veterinarian that x-rayed the dog along with either the x-rays or the “preliminary evaluations of hip dysplasia” rendered by OFA.  This letter must include a statement from the attending veterinarian that the hip disorder is a genetic disorder and not related to any other cause (see #7 below).

4)      This warranty includes the buyer’s (owners’) choice of the return of the dog within one (1) year for a full cash refund of the purchase price or for the exchange of the dog for a replacement dog of equivalent value (if one is available), for a dog purchased by the buyer (owner) from the breeder (seller) that is diagnosed with hip dysplasia which has been documented and supported by a written veterinary statement as described in #2 & #3 above. 

5)      The execution of this warranty by the buyer (owner) for a dog properly diagnosed with hip dysplasia (as described in #2, #3, and #4 above) requires the buyer to supply the breeder (seller) with the written documentation described in #2 above prior to the dog reaching the age of 14 calendar months.  If the documentation described in #3 above is not provided by the buyer to the breeder (seller) by the time the dog has reached 14 months of age, then both the buyer and the breeder (seller) agree that this warranty is considered null and void. 

6)      The dog with the genetic hip disorder must be returned by the buyer (owner) to the breeder (seller) upon demand by the breeder (seller) for this warranty to be effective, otherwise both the buyer (owner) and the breeder (seller) agree that this warranty is null and void.  It will be up to the breeder’s sole judgment and discretion regarding the ultimate fate and disposition of a returned dog under this warranty. 

7)      This warranty is specifically limited to a genetic disorder only and is not intended to warrant hip disorders, conditions or problems caused by, but not limited to, injury, negligence, accident, training, or related disorders, conditions or problems there of.


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